by Hunter

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released August 29, 2015

Hunter Stamas, Connor Coburn, Cameron Gilhooly



all rights reserved


Hunter Stamas Boston, Massachusetts

Hunter is a dynamic 4 piece alternative rock band defined by their energetic live performances and unique songwriting style. Formed in 2014, Hunter has performed in numerous venues across NH & MA to great results & have more recently been making their way onto mainstream radio stations/ publications. Their self produced album was released on August 29th and includes ten of their original songs. ... more

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Track Name: Smooth Seas Never Made For A Skilled Sailor
You’re my left hand man
you’re a habit I can’t stand
duty calls, right when we’ve found land

You were fishing & I was swimming
I got caught inside you’re night
I am you’re best bet

When you’re sailin’ ‘round the world, I won’t mind being the girl
with each wave you hit, know I’m the mermaid that made it
swimming right beside; through the ropes & the riptide
mooring, anchors aweigh, I’ll see you when you’re home, babe

Currents brought us together
through all the stormy weather
we see the same skies
over us the sun, it flies

the waves don’t crash as hard
and the breaks of ‘em don’t sparkle
but I hope you catch my tail
everywhere that you may sail


The waves pulled you away, away, away
And I pulled your anchor to stay, to stay
Now on the sand I lay, I lay, I lay
Please never leave the bay, the bay, the bay (x2)


Track Name: Que Sera, Sera
I guess I've turned cold, naturally
Please do not take it personally
I'm working on it, baby

I don't know much but
I can assure you I'm tough
A diamond in the rough

What will be, will be
So I'll let it be like
Que sera, sera

Maybe I'll stop trying to control
I will slowly purify my soul
I'll have to let it roll

In order to let it in, let it in
Never pleased, where to begin
It's all a sin


Oh and I will be set free
Only I can liberate me
Through the wreckage, now I see
I just have to let it be

Track Name: Before You Go, Stay
I'm falling, falling to pieces
And you're moving
Figures without faces

For taking, we are granted with:
"For granted, we are taken"

Stop telling me what to do
Who to be
I don't like you
And you clearly don't get me

Get use to it x3
Cause I'm use to it

You've found your way into my blood
Watch me smoke while I shoot my gun
Hear these chords, hitting the floor
I wana be yours, I wana be yours

You're on replay
I hear you through the bass
And feel you touch my face
I'll keep you in your fucking place


When I say jump you say "how high?"
When I say fall you say "how hard?"
When I say wait you say "how long?"
Before you go, stay (x4)
Track Name: Something Real
He was pointing at the moon,
but I was looking at his hand.
Take off your dancing shoes
No ones here to reprimand

Let me be your sleeves
If there's no comfort I'll be ease
Like the leaves on a tree
You be Adam, I'll be Eve

I just thought you should know
Just what I struggle to show
I just want you to feel
I just want something real

You get around, get around
And well I'm not fond of it
I won't be put aside
Cause we know I'm no basic bitch

She may be with the band
But the band is with me
When you fall
I'll stay by your side, baby

I just thought you should know
Just what I struggle to show
I just want you to feel
I just want something real


Build me up tall
And Don't let me fall
Don't stop just yet
This is not the end


I just want something.....
Track Name: Rolling Thunder
Oh, today I saw the sun
Oh yeah, today I saw the sun
I've been livin' in the dark far too long

Changing all direction of our winds
Yeah, I said changing all a-direction of our winds
when did it even begin?

And every time now that I go
you're every place that I call home
keep movin on
Like a rolling thunder

if you love me I want more
yeah, I said if you love me I want more
and if it rains I hope it pours

I can only bite my tongue
I said, I can only bite my tongue
so many times before I bite it off


I've never met anyone
who works as hard as my momma
or was as smart as my father
or talks as loud as my sister
or kisses better than my lover!

Oh, today I saw the sun
oh yeah, today I saw the sun
I've been livin in the dark far too long
Track Name: You've Gotta Play The Game To Beat The Game
I went for a run
I took a side trail
Fell with no side rail
I could not see the sun

After the fall I tried
Slipping, tripping,
Finally standing
My skin was so bruised

I tried continuing my run
I thought I heard a gun
Wiping the dried blood
If it rains it better flood

She panicked so she ran faster
Always making people chase her
She has been the problem maker
realizing she's been running her whole life

I halted abruptly
I stopped so shortly
I Fell on my back
And slowly watched the sun
Come back

I am fixing what I lack
I am picking up my slack
I am kicking my own ass
I am cleaning up my act

Dear, It's safe to stop
You can reach the top
Things are back in tact
You have found you're way back

I went for a run
I took a side trail
I can't get lost now
Cause I'm following the sun
Track Name: BBB
You met me in the mourning
And you held me through the night
I watched you while you're sleepin
'Twas a ticket and a flight
I melted at your every swing &sway
I felt you rid my blues away

You got me all I needed
And you swept me off of my feet
You showed me to believe in truth
But with truth comes defeat
And you do always keep your word
But a risky tune is hummed by the love bird

To know that I could lose ya
When we holler and we shout
Don't say I didn't warn you
When this train is headed south
Boy, It leaves a bad taste in my mouth

You met me in the mourning
And you held me through the night
I watched you while you're sleepin
'Twas a ticket and a flight
I melted at your every swing & sway
I felt you rid my blues away

You've always been a good boy
And hummed the sweetest sound
For your American girl you sure
Made her feel profound
And I love him with all my heart
But I still do fear being apart

Track Name: Colour
I can't bring myself to remeet these lonely strings
where my heart use to sing, happiness bring
not anymore

I'm not anymore than what I can be
so to speak, I'm just me

I feel the presence of the other side
trying to collide with who I'm not, who i'm not
I want to stay here on the dark side of the moon
where you can pick or choose, don't make me go
no, no, no. I'm staying here

I can't change the things that i've done
or who i've become, and wouldn't if I could

And shut eye, so long.
cut it up from life, lost in lids of wonder
and a deep red hunger; colour, colour, colour


Track Name: Fountain of You(th)
In the heart of my soul
In The sole of my shoe
I swear to x2

What's yours is mine and
What's mine is mine
I don't share my things
I don't share my time

(What's yours is mine)

I always held on
To the things I needed most
But I only need you and the coast

In the heart of my soul
In The sole of my shoe
I swear to x2

I will not pay Charon, The coins atop my eyes, will be kept in my pocket
Like a picture in a locket

I'm not afraid of truth ,Or fear that I will die , I keep my eyes open wide
Ive been swimming with the tide

I must explore the world , Like it's the 16 century, furthermore I will have proof, and I will restore my youth

I'm livin in the Fountain of youth
Livin in the Fountain of youth
Livin in the fountain of youth
Livin in a Fountain of you
Track Name: Vagabond
Drive till we can't even see
Beg to get the coffe for free
Because we don't got any money
All We know is what we need

Well dear don't get lost in politics
They cant help us get our kicks
And I don't really know our destiny
But what I know is I love your company

The futures now, get up and ready
Life is loud, it's getting heavy
We're free-e-e, free-e-e
Have you ever felt yourself being
Free-e-e, free-e-e,
It feels you're exactly where you're suppose to be

Well dance around and sing with me
I'm no runner but the beats keep me moving on my feet and god I can barely breathe
But it feels so good just to see

And I still do get sad beneath the sheets
When I miss my dad and childhood dreams
I'll live this one out till the grave
There's no time to spare, "let's misbehave"


I'm the mermaid that made it